Gary L. Mitchell

Gary L. Mitchell, RRC, RRO, CCCA, CEI Vice President/Senior Consultant

garyA (1)Mr. Mitchell holds registrations as a roof consultant, roof observer and is certified as Construction Contract Administrator and EIFS Inspector. He is a member of the Roof Consultant Institute, The Construction Specifications Institute, and the Society of Protective Coatings. In addition, Mr. Mitchell holds a Chief Engineer License from the State of Minnesota, Class I Water Distribution System, and Class I Wastewater Collection from North Dakota. Mr. Mitchell is also a Qualified Special Inspector Structural Masonry, Masonry Industry QC Committee.

Since 1962, Mr. Mitchell has developed his skills with a broad range of experiences including designing, repairing, surveying, project management, and inspecting all types of roof and waterproofing systems. He possesses that rare mixture of technical expertise, outstanding management and leadership abilities that enable him to deliver major projects on time and under budget. Mr. Mitchell is highly skilled at leveraging the power of computer-based project management and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) systems to assist him.

As an Associate, Mr. Mitchell is engaged in a number of duties that include Design, Bidding, Project Management, Evaluation, and Leak Investigation of all types of wall, fenestration, and roofing systems.

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