Lyle J. Shive

Lyle J. Shive, RRO- Senior Consultant

lyle_shiveDuring Mr. Shive’s 39 years of architectural experience, he has been involved in various architectural projects. During the first 20 years, these projects were focused primarily on high-end residential, public museums, libraries, churches & school facilities. The last 19 years’ projects were focused on restaurants, commercial buildings, hospitality (hotels & resorts), and medical facilities.

Mr. Shive has worked with multiple disciplines within the design and construction community, including architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, interior designers, and general contractors, to develop projects designed and coordinated to achieve successful facilities that would perform well under various environmental conditions. He has developed complex construction documents requiring extensive focus on detailing to achieve a final built result that would provide structures that will perform as intended for years. He has also conducted long-term construction observation of roof system installation for manufacturing facilities, hospitals, library storage facilities, and multiple buildings located on defense facilities for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

While at Arnold & Associates, Inc., Mr. Shive has been involved in roofing and waterproofing projects for hotels & resorts, hospitals, multi-family developments, warehouses and distribution centers, and various retail and professional office facilities. He also assists local architects, general contractors, and Ownership groups with quality control/peer reviews for roofing and waterproofing systems. Lastly, Mr. Shive assists owners and facility representatives of existing buildings with leak investigations of the building envelopes to identify deficiencies of the buildings and prescribe the repair/replacement of deficient building envelope materials.

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