Sydney N. Singer

Sydney N. Singer, Vice President/Architect/Senior Consultant

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As a registered architect since 1991, Mr. Singer has been involved in a diverse range of architectural new construction and renovation projects in the residential, institutional, and hospitality markets. His command of administration and oversight of building construction using a wide range of materials from wood frame to steel to concrete is of great value to our clients. Mr. Singer’s expertise in specification preparation, construction administration, and construction systems problem resolution has been invaluable. His skill in fostering consensus among owners and in many cases multiple groups of client representatives where multifaceted design problems and budgeting constraints were at issue is highly regarded.

Mr. Singer’s skills in scheduling, budgeting, management, quality control, problem-solving, and communications ensure that each project is completed on-time and on-budget with specified quality standards.

Mr. Singer serves our clients in engagements as Project Architect, Project Manager, Design Review, Construction Management, Vertical Curtainwall Waterproofing Evaluation, Roof Evaluation, and Design and construction problem-solving. Mr. Singer’s expertise is highly regarded by his peers.

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